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The Eco Routing Fleet consulting team combines industry experience, analytical skills, big data, and the latest fleet technologies to provide tailored solutions across the entire fleet lifecycle. Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance corporate sustainability, upgrade your fleet policies, or improve driver behavior, we are ready to devise the most effective strategies to meet your goals.

Electric Vehicle Fleet Consulting

We understand businesses and organizations are looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint when it comes to transportation. EVs are the fastest way to sustainability and working with Eco Routing is the least risky way to do it.


EVs are an affordable, environmentally friendly solution, and our fleet management consultants are ready to help! We’ll review your current and future needs and discuss which EVs charging strategy (strategies) are best suited for your business.


Our AdoptEV service assesses your current fleet and identifies the best path forward to begin adopting EVs.


We understand that no two clients are alike, which is why we’ll provide recommendations based specifically on your business needs. Our EV options from top OEMs include new battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

Industry Leading Expertise for Deeper Insights

Our fleet management consultants average over a decade of experience in the fleet industry, and utilize deep industry knowledge to identify critical factors that will have the greatest impact on your fleet operations.


Depending on your fleet and business goals, we will provide a tailored selection of the following fleet consulting services:

  • Benchmark Analyses
  • Electric Vehicle Analyses
  • Fuel Cost and Price Predictions
  • Lifecycle Optimization
  • Business Scorecard Processes
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Driver Behavior Analyses
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analyses
  • Asset Management Optimization
  • Alternative Fuel Analyses
  • Preventative and Non-Preventative Maintenance Predictions

Cost Savings from Fleet Consulting

Leveraging the multitude of datapoints created by the use of Eco Routings’ products and services, we create a Fleet Scorecard, which is a business review of your fleet and driver performance.


While reviewing your Fleet Scorecards, we assess vehicle and driver performance in total and by cost-per-mile. We evaluate performance toward existing goals, and we determine exactly where your business can save on maintenance, fuel, and vehicle costs. One client saw a 10% overall improvement in driver behavior and a 15% decrease in accidents!


Electric vehicles are another way to save due to decreased fuel and maintenance expenses. If properly managed, the average U.S. fleet manager would effectively save $1 per gallon in fuel costs with an EV fleet, and electricity costs are much more stable for fleet cost forecasting. You can also compare the cost savings with the Department of Energys's EGallon calculator.


Eco Routing credits and manufacturer rebates apply to you.

3-Step Fleet Consulting Process

Step 1: Research and Analyze

First, our fleet consultants begin by reviewing your fleet data from TotalView. We identify opportunities for improvement and use predictive analytics to deliver data-driven solutions that lead to meaningful changes across the lifecycle of a fleet vehicle. A few areas of focus include:


  • Reducing Lifecycle Costs
  • Vehicle Optimization
  • Fleet Cycling and Replacement Strategies
  • Resale Market Optimization
  • Safety Best Practices


If you’re looking to transition to EVs, we have the big data analytical tools and deep expertise in electrification to assess your fleet needs, understand your electrification and sustainability goals, and identify the best path forward.

Step 2: Develop and Implement Strategies

Once we have discussed opportunities and a tailored strategy is in place, we provide tools to monitor and manage fleet costs and trends. Our consultants use Fleet Scorecards to examine fleet costs and performance throughout the lifecycle of your vehicles, along with industry knowledge to deliver actionable information and targeted recommendations for improvement. We analyze major fleet costs, performance, behaviors, and sustainability goals to create benchmarks and target new opportunities.

Step 3: Continually Optimize

Strategic fleet consulting is an ongoing, collaborative process. Our Eco Routing consultants will continually work with you to ensure that your goals are achieved and gains are maintained over time. We will work with you to maintain an open dialogue about your fleet strategy, and we will examine your fleet’s performance at a regular interval that makes sense for your business — quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


This iterative process enables us to continue to offer proactive recommendations to drive continuous improvement, best practices, and superior performance. Together, we will help keep your vehicles and drivers operating at maximum performance while lowering your total cost of ownership.

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